Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Ah, September. We've just completed what we hope will be our last tourist season in retail -- and survived.

Things now kick into another level. the business goes on the market officially this week. The house will be ready in two weeks. the boat got FOR SALE signs yesterday and now has its own blog: Isabella.

My list of items for sale on Ebay grows as fast as I have time to get things on there.

Who has time to blog?

--painted the cabin roof where the eyebrow was
--finished two more coats of varnish on the garage
--had a staff party to celebrate the end of summer!
--emptied the loft and its bookshelf
--made a blog for the boat
--put for sale signs on the boat
--settled on a price for the business
--talked to a potential buyer for the house (!)
--talked to a potential buyer for the business (!)
--took all the excess wood and the old washing machine to the dump
--started stripping the companion hatch boards

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