Monday, December 15, 2008


"I love beach glass so much that I bought a tumbler." -- a wine shop customer

Let's ponder this choice:

a. Go to the beach, day after day, walking along the ocean's edge scouring the shore for those little bits of sparkling treasure, the only time nature conquers human litter to create something beautiful. Breathe in the crisp ocean air, let the water lap around your feet, the wind ruffle your hair. Repeat. Repeat.

b. Break glass, throw it in your tumbler. Turn it on.

Sure, in the end you might have something that closely proximates sea glass, but what have you traded?

Never sell patience short. Impatience rarely pays dividends.

Daily reminders from the universe for those choosing to pay attention.

--got all the outlets in Isabella working
--installed the newly varnished wood on the boom crutch
--decorated the house for Christmas
--took turns the last 2 1/2 weeks being sick


John said...

I see Zen garden. =)

John said...

I see Zen garden. =)