Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My new camera has been stealing a lot of my attention. With two new babies, I've had some little subjects that, if not willing, are at least immobile. As my photography teacher says, "That's a lot of camera." When I get frustrated that I'm not yet Annie Leibowitz, I remind myself this is all new.

The house is very lonely. No lookers since Groundhog Day. One of those Groundhog visitors said we were their favorite. And then we never heard from them again. Sigh.

Our Atlanta prospect for the business has opted out. Our broker told us we might have to lower the price and "carry some paper," which is odd broker-speak for offering owner financing. The listing expires March 1, so we're considering a lot of things, including selling it ourselves. A little creative marketing maybe? Ideas are welcome.

This is boat week. We're listing Isabella on craigslist in every major city along the east coast. Once I have a sunny day, we'll have new pics to use.

We've made $240 on Ebay in the last two weeks. Salt cellars, earrings, a pocket watch. Tomorrow I'm adding some clothing.

We're both feeling the uphill battle right now. Chip has a map of Mount Everest on the refrigerator and claims we're on the Lhotsi Face. We're cold, low on oxygen and just want to reach the damned summit! Thank god for little babies.

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GW said...

Things could be better than you think! You could be on the Hillary Step and not even know it.