Thursday, September 17, 2009


No, I'm not referring to George H.W. Bush. Forty-one is the number of prospects that have contacted me since we listed the business in April.

Apparently business shoppers were in the doldrums in August as well. From August 3rd to August 30 I didn't get a single inquiry. Now I've had five in the last week. This is one of those weeks we refer to as 'noisy.' (You might recall, one of our prospects threatened to submit a letter of intent this week.)

Some other numbers according to my spreadsheet:
Number of emails to, from and about prospects: 267
Number of states represented: 17
Number from North Carolina: 7
Farthest away: California
Most inquiries in one day: 3 -- and this happened twice
Number of prospects named Patel: 5
Number of buyers: 0 (zero)

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