Friday, August 6, 2010


Drop boards in bad need of refinishing.
Waiting doesn't have to be unproductive. Today we taped the toe rails and I slapped on another two coats of finish -- and while I was at it, I decided to sand down and coat the companionway drop boards (our front door).

Could someone please remind me to take "before" photos? I'm lame at that, but the photo there shows pretty much how bad they were. Now they're shiny and lovely along with the toe rails.

Today was not a good day for mom. They opted to do another emergency procedure to clear some of the blood clots from her left lung. The lung collapsed on Wednesday night and has not recovered.

Drop boards refinished.
After a tense (on my part) hour, they emerged successful. Our hope is that she will now stabilize. We've purchased one-way tickets to Albuquerque leaving on Sunday, two days from now.

p.s. -- "You know what happens tomorrow," I told Chip yesterday. "The dinghy motor will be ready." Sure enough. The doors are opening.

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Suzanne said...

Looking at your companionway and the fact that you live on board, what we did to Isabella might be something you would like. We had a screen made custom to fit with a zipper down the middle. There is about 2 inches of canvas around the edges and it snaps to the boat. They used a small gasket to keep the skeeters from getting in. If I remember I'll take a picture to send you. We have found it well worth the money. We don't have the closed inn feeling.