Sunday, September 19, 2010


Manteo, NC -- Today is our 12th anniversary. I decided it was time to tell Chip the truth, something I'd been hiding, avoiding, skirting, making light of for a long time now.

At brunch, I swallowed hard and came out with it:

"I don't want to go north."

"Really? Me either!"

Well, happy anniversary to us, because now that we decided we can just head south -- where we REALLY want to go -- we are jacked up.

I pulled out all the Bahamas and ICW guides. We bought a Caribbean travel guide.

YAHOO!!!!!! Now THAT'S cause for celebration.

Crystal clear turquoise water, here we come...


Barbara Edwards said...

Come down the intercoastal to Southport on your way, & we'll cook a meal for you.

tammy kennon said...

Hi Barbara!

That could happen. We'll be passing nearby...

Thanks for reading!