Sunday, October 24, 2010


… how people arrange their lives to go sailing full time? I sure did, because that was our goal. I scoured blogs and books and magazines, but every story about cruising full time began with "We threw the lines…." But how did they do it? Did they sell everything or keep a storage unit somewhere? How did they choose their cruising boat and how did they outfit it? Which clothes did they keep, and did they take along the stapler and the dictionary? Did they ever feel alone and tired? Was their To Do List so long they feared that they would never reach the end?

I started this blog to leave a blueprint for those who came after us, a daily log of each decision we faced, each land tie we broke and each footprint we made on our plod toward the water. My first post was on July 19, 2008.

Over on the left, you can find links to two years of posts on topics like how we chose our cruising boat, those endless To Do Lists, the rigors of downsizing, the emotional toll of reinventing our lives, and a surprising and horrible financial crisis that threatened to derail our plans.

But we did it!! We successfully completed a 5-year plan to sell everything and sail away on October 24, 2010!

If you haven't already made the leap, come on over to our new blog: We sailed for four years and have set off on ever new adventures. Don't miss a thing.

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Lois Hughes said...
This is the address for my friend, Terra, who can cook a full course dinner for six in 3 sq.ft. of galley space! She is now in Friday Harbor, WA, and writes a food column for the newspaper. You might want to email her, tell her that Lois and Dave Hughes sent you, and see what fun advice she could add for your adventure. Looking forward to following you!