Saturday, July 26, 2008


There's not any one thing about shoving off that's difficult. It's just the volume of the not-so-difficult things that gets overwhelming.

Of course, selling the business, selling the house, selling the boat and buying a boat are extra large and each has its own associated, very long TO DO list, but then there's the life onboard list:

--figure out how to get web connection on the boat
--find the best cell phone option
--learn single side band lingo and get license
--decide where to keep state residency for tax purposes
--figure out that whole mail thing -- where to forward it, what is necessary
--kitchen supplies: what do we have to have
--clothing: how much and what
--electronics: what's critical; what's luxury; what's outdated
--music: start loading up the ipod; get rid of cds; get a dock with speakers that can withstand marine environment
--computers: how many? waterproof cases. backing up.
--camera: how many? still and video? cost.
--ditch bag
--buy a dinghy/life raft
--build a first aid kit
--hone down/build up the onboard library
--tools: what do we need; get them
--backup equipment: need extras of just about everything onboard
--provisioning: what do we want on hand when we shove off
--get eating utensils made: have wooden bowls and plates made
--take navigation class (yeah)
--research, try on and then purchase foul weather gear
--go to various doctors for physicals, eye checks, getting-old exams, skin protection, etc.
--keep a list of things to do.

And that's just off the top of my head.

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