Monday, July 28, 2008


The Island packet 38'.
We looked at three boats yesterday, all Island Packets: 38', 350 and 35'.

Just for the hell of it, we decided to test our theory about when big is too big.

The 38 felt like an oceanliner compared to Isabella, but we both held our judgment. If we're going to have the downside of a bigger boat (expensive to buy and maintain, docking fees based on footage, difficult handling, etc.), we should be rewarded with amazing amenities below deck. The salon is a bit roomier than the 350 and the 35', and there's an extra bathroom that we don't need. But if I'm dropping an extra $20-$30K (!), I want heart-palpitations and jaw-dropping features to justify the expense. Didn't happen. Above the deck everything was bigger than we wanted, and bigger than I could handle on my own.

"The owner has this great electric winch for hoisting the main," Eddie, the broker, said helpfully.

Ah, electronic man. You'll see him crewing on a lot of boats. He's awesome but only if you can handle things without him. His helping hand is a luxury, but if you're relying on him to do something you can't and have no backup system, look out. He's notoriously unreliable. The going gets rough, electronic man is a deserter.

Technically, I could probably manage the 38' on my own by using some physics (double purchase) and elbow grease, but again, what are we gaining? A bathroom we don't need?

We eliminated the 38' Island Packet.

--more cds on the laptop
--more sanding
--another round of files in the trash
--no more IP38s to worry about!

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