Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In my mind, my dreams are written out in FONT SIZE="100," extra large, super-sized dreams. But this week I had a fleeting glimpse at a future context that made my dreams look like a FONT SIZE="-1".

That future played out something like this: We sell our house, our boat and our business. Okay, I came up with that much on my own, but here's the cool part: all the proceeds and benefits from the sales spawn another generation of cruisers in our wake.

We chose the realtor for our house, because he is a friend who shares our goal of living on a sailboat. So that part is a done deal. But check this out.

Last Sunday a guy in Durham emailed me about our boat, Isabella. He and his wife are planning to cruise with their two small boys in five years. They are shopping around for an interim boat to sail until they're ready to set off.

That very same day, a guy in Arkansas emailed me about our business. He and his wife are working on a 10-year plan to cruise, the first step being the purchase of a small coastal business that will fund their plans.

It was a stunning turn of the kaleidoscope that caused me momentarily to freeze in place, and, frankly, to weep a little. Clearly, this was no vision of the future. It was just a little reminder.

The universe is so much bigger than me. Or is it bigger than I?

--All my complaints about the lack of kindred spirits have been heard. It was fun to talk to the boat and business prospects who also plan to cruise.
--All my listings seem to be getting hits. I'm fielding lots of inquiries and have at least four serious bites on the business, two coming into town to check us out in the next week.
--We lowered the price of the house again. We did a survey of what's on the market and are trying to get ahead of the curve.

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