Friday, May 22, 2009


As reported here before, we've settled into a bizarre pattern where we get intense flurries of activity on the business, the house, the boat, followed by weeks of utter silence.

We woke this morning expecting more quiet, but there was an email from a couple in D.C. looking to move to the Outer Banks. They are both in the wine business -- the husband for 25 years. They saw our ad for the store on craigslist and wondered if it was still for sale. It is.

This afternoon our realtor called to make an appointment to show the house, some action we hope might generate the need for those other folks to get MOVING.

While I was getting the house ready an email arrived from Jason in New England, who is itching to have a look at Isabella. He has a Catalina 29 to sell first, but wrote to say he has some good prospects.

Noise. Lots of noise today.

--Coat number three on the toe rails. Started filling in the damage on the garage. Another coat on the hatches as well.
--Chip's deck work turned out great. He has to grind down the holes and fill them. Then we're going to start painting the decks.
--I cleaned the windows on the dodger today. They look beautiful -- you can actually see through them now.

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