Monday, November 9, 2009


Can our relationship thrive on a boat? Actually I'm more worried about whether or not it can survive.

We do wonder what it will be like to live together in a space about the size of a double dumpster. No real doors to slam, no long drives or even walks to blow off steam.

I've been known to hypothesize that if we could start and run a business together, cruising together would seem simple.

Sure, working together taught us a lot about, well, working together toward one goal. It taught us how to communicate, not overnight and not without a lot of kicking and screaming. We've asked other couples who run businesses together how they manage. One woman told me running straight out the back door for about 20 paces is therapeutic. Another says leaving early helps. I asked if leaving in January counts as early.

Not long ago I read about a cruising couple who has a designated DMZ on the bow of the boat. If the other person is there, you can't enter the space or talk to them.

When I told a friend this, she said we might have to do that so we won't go nuts.

"We might go nuts anyway," I said.

"Maybe but the scenery will be fantastic!" she said.

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