Thursday, November 5, 2009


People frequently look at us as if we're crazy.

And then we tell them we're selling everything and going sailing.

It's all relative. If you read the right things, you'll find we're relatively sane.

Wandering Dolphin
Wandering Dolphin is a 47' aluminum sailboat, home to a family of seven. Yes, seven people on one boat. Two parents and FIVE children. And by the way, they also have a dog on there, a dog that gets seasick. I read this blog with that sort of hands-over-your-eyes nervousness I have while watching bungee jumping.

Sereia is a 36' fiberglass ketch home to a family of three and 1/3 plus one. That is, two parents, a toddler, a fetus due in May and an unrelated crew member. To those clicking on this link, I bid you a fond farewell. You will fall in love with Antonia, her antics and her writing, which will pull you in, drag you to the bottom and pin you there with a death roll.

But you will find yourself thinking, "Maybe Chip and Tammy weren't as crazy as I thought ...."

--A potential buyer's coming to look at Isabella this weekend.
--Lots of good noise on the business this week.

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