Saturday, August 1, 2009


Camp III is full of people, laughter and food. Casey is now staying with us. Chip's parents, Ted and Nancy, came Friday. Dylan starting spending the night too and then Brett. So far, we've been growing by an average of one person per day. Last night we slept seven people.

At this rate, we might need to rent an additional apartment....

Overheard @ Camp III:

Nancy: You know why I don't buy celery?
Us: Why?
Nancy: Because I don't like it.
Ted: Oh, I love celery.
Us: Nancy, why don't you buy celery for Ted?
Nancy: He does the shopping.
Us: Ted, why don't you buy celery?
Ted: It's not on the list!


When Nancy lost her phone, Dylan called it so we could search. A few minutes later.
Nancy: Oh look! Dylan called. But he didn't leave a message!


Ted: I'm going to run away to an island where nobody can find me.
Nancy: Nobody will look.

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