Sunday, August 9, 2009


We had fun futon-surfing with friends, but four days on the move was tiring, shlepping our clothes and laundry in and out of houses, sleeping on different beds.

It was a reminder of the beauty of traveling by sail: the perfect blend of traveling and staying at home. No packing, no hauling suitcases, no strange beds. We'll have freedom to move about the watery planet yet we can go home every night.

Unlike traveling by land, there will be no road food -- unless we want it, no gas station bathrooms, no hotel searches or foldout couches.

Let's get started!

--Pondering the pros and cons of listing Isabella with a broker.

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GW said...

Hey gang,
Sometimes when you are considering stuff - you're too close to it to see it clearly. With that in mind, I"ll give you my take on listing Isabella with a broker:

Buyers in the price range of Isabella are the type of buyers that look at, etc for their boats. Most of them don't need/use a broker when they consider buying a boat. That' usually reserved for a higher dollar boat (not saying Isabella isn't the 'cream of the crop').

What I see most often done poorly - is the way the listing is written and the photographs are taken. Use those wonderful talents as a writer to 'sell' the boat on the listing and then borrow (if you don't have it) a camera with a 15mm lens to take beautiful staged photos of the inside of the vessel as well as a good photo of her underway - full sail.

Just my opinion - I'd hate to see you give up the stinking 10% to a broker - especially since the market has suffered as it has.