Thursday, August 6, 2009


What? Why? When? Where? How?

Only one of them works in journalism, but the Wallaces and Jenkins are all darn good interviewers. I sometimes forget how foreign our plans must seem to those who don't share our interest (indoctrination?).

What will you miss most? How DO you get rid of all your belongings? Which was the hardest to let go? What about refrigeration? These were not entry-level questions and some had no ready answers.

What about refrigeration? We may try to get by without it but that does seem burdensome. Funny, humans have lived without refrigeration for most of ever, but in a few generations we've become utterly dependent on it, can't even imagine how to survive without it. Time to start imagining.

Good questions. Good times. And thanks Evan for taking this photo. Yours was MUCH better than mine. Like father .... ;-)

Our four-day displacement started today. We have to be out of the apartment while Yvonne's family is visiting, part of the community apartment plan for August. Two nights with Wendy and Lily then one night with Paul, Susannah and Townes.

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