Sunday, October 4, 2009


If this blog were a book I was reading, I would totally be checking to see if we're close to the end. Surely this is the climax just before everything finds a swift and satisfying conclusion.

I'd be looking at the photos in the middle of the book to see what kind of boat they bought. I'd read the author bio on the last page to see where they were when the book was published:

Plodding to Paradise is the author's first book. Her writing has been published in Fabulous Sailing Magazine, Another Fabulous Sailing Magazine and other sailing magazines. The author and her husband, Chip, live aboard their Fabulous 38' sailboat and, at the time of publication, were cruising the Fabulous Islands.

After assuring myself a fabulous ending awaits, I would settle back in to find out how much it cost to fix the dent in the hull, if the author decided to have surgery, who bought the wine shop and how freakin' long it took for them to get on the water.

Are you getting bored too?


sparky said...

love it

Anonymous said...

I'm pulling for you, Tammy!