Thursday, October 1, 2009


QUESTION #3: Tammy has pain in her stomach because she:

a. swallowed a giant squid
b. did a huge belly flop in shallow water
c. has scar tissue from a war wound
d. has been practicing sword swallowing to earn cruising pennies
e. all of the above

If you answered c., you are correct. Okay, war wound might be a bit of an overstatement, but I can't just hand feed you the answers.

We went to the surgeon this morning to get the results of last week's x-rays, the one where they made me swallow glass after glass of white poison. The good news is, my intestines are working fine, considering. The bad news is the considering. After my kidney was removed three years ago (another tale entirely), my body reacted by spinning out scar tissue, which basically velcroed part of my intestines to my abdominal wall. They discovered this during that laparoscopic surgery in March. Photos available on request.

The choices? Live with the pain and potential of an obstruction or have more surgery.

What does it mean, Isabella and I and our belly wounds this week? What does it mean?

When I met Chip 12 years ago, his mantra was "What does it mean?" It's a valid question and an admirable pursuit, trying to learn from life's path, identify ways to grow and become a better person along the way. I've tried to learn from his learning.

He rarely says "what does it mean" any more. Maybe because my mantra became, "Stop saying that already!"

--The surveyor looked at Isabella's scar tissue this morning and said we have to either live with the pain (that being no chance of passing a survey if/when we sell her) or surgery. Right now they're removing the coolers under the settee to assess the damage and give us an estimate on repairs.
--We don't know what all of this means right now. We don't even know what we're going to do about us girls and our wounds. Sometimes meaning doesn't emerge until much water has passed under the hull. That will be another quiz for another day.

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