Friday, February 26, 2010


A boat by any other name .... and there will be another name, we just don't know what it is yet. Good Company is a good name, but it's not our name. We have a tradition of putting "bella" in the names of our boats, Bella Luna and Isabella, and we're not opposed to re-using either of those names.

However, the possibilities are wide open. Our working list has 39 names on it. We've scoured lists of flowers, herbs, colors, musical terms, birds, sanskrit and stars (the astronomical kind). There's even a fruit on the list.

But one thing's for sure: we will NOT be following certain, annoying naming formats.

1. No stupid sailing-related names: Wind Chaser; Wave Dancer; Breaking Wind, Blew Bayou, Dances With Waves.

2. No tired song lyric references: Southern Cross; 5 O'clock Somewhere; Margaritaville

3. No fishing influences: Gone Fishin'; Shark Bait; Reel-laxed; Reel [[anything]]

4. No ridiculous combination of the letters of our names: Chammy, Tip, Chipammy

5. There will be no reference to the wine and beer business: Dos Winos; Beer Float; Happy Hour

6. No water names: Liquid Limo; Aqua [[any word here]]; Waterlogged

7. No word play: Wake My Day; Keel Joy; Knot So Fast

It's quite possible the NO list is longer than the list of "reel" possibilities. (Sorry.)


GW said...

As a part time cruiser, let me humbly make a suggestion that it appears a LOT of people overlook.

Choose a name, from your long list; that is easily recognizable over the VHF radio. So many people pick 'meaningful' (to them) names, but end up having to repeat and even spell them on the radio when making contact. I hear it over and over again.

I 'inherited' the name SERENITY on our boat and I thought it was not the best name (but did not want to go through the naming ceremony necessary to change it AND the name looked really good on the transom). Our previous boat was named MISS JANELLA (named after my wife Jan). I can't tell you how much easier it is to have less-painful contacts on the radio with SERENITY than it was with MISS JANELLA.

Just something to consider when picking your name.

Congrats on the new boat!!

tammy kennon said...

It's funny you mention that. Every time I try out a name, I say, "This is sailing vessel ....." to imagine saying it on the radio. About 80% of the names get eliminated before even going ON the list!

Thanks for reading, and tell Janella hey for me.

Lisa said...

Bella Lugosi!

Bella Nutella!

Ciao Bella!

Cha-bella No. 5!

tammy kennon said...

LOL Keep trying!

Brett said...

Sonny Ann (did i just break a rule)
Bella Cubed
Goodbye bella
Your mom
Life of Bella
shit...ok I got to go do homework now. That was fun. Love you two.

tammy kennon said...

Well, you're onto something. We're naming the dinghy Your Mom!

Love you too. Call us sometime. Are you coming for spring break????