Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. --Henry David Thoreau, Walden
My land wardrobe reflects the fact that I'm anti-athletic. Like for instance my career as a softball player, which lasted one game, a game where I pitched. They called the game when my team fell behind 27-0 -- in the second inning.

Then there was the time I ran a 1K (yes, one K, one half of a mile), a benefit for the Special Olympics where seemingly "normal" people ran alongside the "special" athletes. About midway through the course, I was passing a Special Olympian who seemed to be struggling, so I ran along with him trying to assist. He did fine. I fell and sprained my ankle. I felt very special.

So, since I haven't been all that sporty, I'm completely sartorially ill-prepared for this new sport. Especially since Chip and I have taken a vow not to dress like typical cruisers, who are notorious for dressing poorly, in tacky, wrinkled clothing.

However, when you look at the closet space on a sailboat, you start to understand that wrinkled clothing thing -- and even the temptation (necessity?) of going clothing-free. 

This is my closet in the new boat. And, yes, that's a tissue box for scale.

In preparation to move aboard, I've been scouring the internet for quick-dry, wrinkle-resistant clothes, waterproof jackets, UV protected fabrics. I've been ordering from online stores intended for hikers, mountain climbers and surfers.

Thus, I'm slowly piecing together a wardrobe for hiking the deck as we surf mountainous waves.

I've always said, what you lack in substance must be made up with style.


hannaH said...

Oh my goodness you crack me up. I can relate SOO much to this "sports" filled post. That's just funny. Kinda makes me warm and fuzzy feeling that I'm not the only special one in this family. We are both so very special. Haha. Nice to hear your new adventure wardrobe is coming along. Thats a very important part of it. :)

tammy kennon said...

Don't you wish some things didn't run in the family? ;-)

Greg said...

Wow! Now you've put undue pressure on yourself NOT to look the part, I look forward to seeing your "live aboard" fashion. Good luck with that one ;)

When you guys make it down the ICW (assuming you take the ICW south) I'll be sure to take some pictures from the Dunlawton Bridge, just south of Daytona. Let me know when your coming this way!