Tuesday, March 30, 2010


From the appearance of this blog, you'd think I've been slacking. Once you find out where I've been, you'll still think so.

Chip and I spent the last week at the Palm Beach International Boat Show in Florida. While it's not unusual for the two of us to loiter at boat shows, we're rarely spotted at those with luxury yachts and sportfishing boats -- no sailboats.

As you've read here before, I handle the marketing and advertising for Bayliss Boatworks, builder of amazing, custom sportfishing boats. We introduced the newest member of the fleet at the Palm Beach boat show.

The boat, Uno Mas, was greeted with open arms including a listing as one of the "ones to watch" in the show newsletter and a mention and photo in the Palm Beach Post.

We were delighted and humbled by the level of buzz and a jam-packed boarding schedule -- all four days. I knew the boat was spectacular. It was gratifying to see that everyone else thinks so too.

Some quotes from those fortunate enough to get a tour:

"I'm gonna go home and sink my boat!" This from a gentleman 60 days from completion of his custom boat.

"In 30 years of being on and around fishing boats, I've never seen one with this kind of attention to detail."

"I'm speechless. There's nothing to say."

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