Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We're still in the grips of Rock Hall. It's blowing all right. Straight across our beam accompanied by two foot swells. The motion of the boat makes me wonder how loud music purloined the term "rock and roll."

AND it's cold. The wind chill drops down in the 30s at night.

"We gotta get outta here," we keep repeating. Today it seemed even more urgent as the wear and tear on both us and the boat began to show.

I want to leave so badly, I peeled the tape off the starboard rail in a 30-knot blow, freezing. Chip offered to help, but I excused him from the nasty task and crawled on alone. There's never pictures of the good stuff.

When the boatyard closed we took their truck and puttered around town like two bored teenagers, looking for anything to keep us from our rocky, rolly, noisy home out there.

For a while we huddled in the hospitality room, me sleeping on the couch, Chip watching American Idol. Pitiful.

Good Company is begging us, "Get me outta here!"

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Jim B said...

Tomorrow looks like the big day if I read the CBOFS Wind Forecast right.

We put the stanchions back on tonight. So all the deck leaks could be solved. . . for a while. We'll start putting back the trim in the interior tomorrow night.

Fair Winds,

Jim & Dana

Jim B said...
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Jim B said...

We finally got out sailing last evening. As soon as we got a mile out the wind piped up to 25, we dipped the starboard rail in the water and discovered another leak from a deck fitting we hadn't re-bedded. Oh well, back to the slip for hours of trying to get to the 8 backing nuts with your fingers for hours on end. . .

I am sure I'll forget all about it as soon as I hoist the sail the next time!

Suzanne said...

Isabella misses you guys. She has adjusted to her new owners and their addition. She feels wonderful now that she is again sporting Froli springs, flat screen TV and BlueRay. She has reminded us that she is in charge - few electrical issues but hey she's a mature woman. . . .

Suzanne & Pete