Monday, April 12, 2010


Remember when I said I would count the teak plugs in the toe rail? Remember when you smirked and thought I was being overdramatic? You make the call: 260 plugs.

Okay, that's just on ONE SIDE, not counting the transom OR the bowsprit platform. No wonder Island Packet sells plugs by the bag full. Seriously, Mr. Johnson?

So the guy who sanded our toe rails did a decent job. He stopped short of sanding us down to the heads of the screws. There were a few gray streaks (see photo), so we pulled out our secret formula (so secret, we had to look it up on this blog dated August 21, 2008). We scrubbed the rails with a mixture of Wisk and bleach, let it sit, rinsed. Then scrubbed with teak brightener, let it sit, rinsed. They aren't perfect, but I've sworn to leave my perfectionist ways behind.

Tomorrow, we'll start early with a quick 200-grit sanding to knock off the grains that were lifted by all the scrubbing. Then we'll wipe, tape and float on the magical Flood -- as many coats as we can get on in a day. More photos to come.

Does this day seem remarkably free of drama? Well, we had a big fight in the grocery store buying Wisk.  It was the culmination of the fight that started at the boatyard, continued on the drive to the store and finally dissipated at West Marine.

I have to admit stomping out of the grocery store and fuming in the car for a bit. At least there was no varnish involved.

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