Saturday, May 22, 2010


You know how Chip and I are always on the lookout for signs that we're "in the stream," headed in the right direction?

When we opened the store in 2005 Chip bought some wines he calls "window dressing," high end, highly rated, famous wines that people like to see on the shelf. But, at $200 and $300 a piece, they have been sitting there for 5 years.

Chip woke up night before last worrying about those pricey bottles, not wanting to saddle the (possible) new owners with them.

Yesterday, he came home from the store and said, "You're not going to believe this: somebody bought six of those expensive French bottles."

"Awesome!" I replied. "Now, maybe someone will buy the big bottle of Chimay that we've had for three years."

Today, I was running the store while Chip was teaching a wine class.

One of the students bought a big bottle of Chimay.

We're in some stream. We hope we know which one but still afraid to believe.

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