Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm REALLY bad at cleaning brushes. About halfway through yesterday's coat of varnish, I started seeing little bumps catching in the wet varnish. UGH. It was old varnish in the brush starting to breakdown and flow with the fresh varnish. AAAAHHHHH.

Sanded out those. Then ...

I went to the hardware store to buy a new one and fell victim to marketing. Now, I've been varnishing long enough (forever?) to know it pays to get a nice brush. I always buy Wooster, but this time I noticed a Wooster series called "Yachtsman," like somehow wood on a boat needs some special brush. Yeah.

So with my first coat of 3-part, million dollar varnish, I started to understand why they call it "Yachtsman." From the beginning it started throwing up foam in its wake. As if that wasn't enough, it started spewing out bristles like so much jetsam.

Varnish, full of bubbles and bristles.


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