Friday, July 17, 2009


With 11 days until we move, I was wondering if that left enough time to sell our few bits of furniture and household items on craigslist. Previous items we've put on there just, well, were on there.

Wonder no more. The answer is yes. This afternoon I went on a Craigslist frenzy and listed 13 items.

People must sit there hitting reload, because before I was finished listing, I started getting emails, followed by me running around unceremoniously dumping stuff out of dressers and end tables. The place is a wreck. AWESOME! I'm lovin' it.

It's now come to light that Chip has a secret obsession. See that little chest we no longer own? Three drawers were FULL of change, not of the copper variety but silver and gold. Yes. Gold dollars, rolls of them. Seems the economy forced some of our customers to pay with gold dollars, so Chip started stashing them. I haven't counted yet, but I'm surprised our chest of drawers didn't buckle under the weight. (Yes, that's an exaggeration, but I couldn't lift the little chest without emptying it.) So here I was collecting little useless items I have to give away on Facebook while Chip was hoarding gold coins. Shut up.

We've cleared out so much stuff around here that it took me a good long time to find something to dump all the change in. And I continue to use, sell, give away or eat everything in the house.

Chip's laughing at me for eating oatmeal in July.

--We got word that our house appraisal is good. There was a slight cause for concern as the market fell that the offer would be higher than the appraised value. One more hurdle cleared!!
--Chip has the next two days off. We're hoping to paint Isabella's decks, although at the moment we're having a thunderstorm.
--Gave our friend Yvonne some of my winter clothes for her move north to graduate school. Stay warm!
--Yvonne's moving out -- we're moving in -- to her apartment -- on the beach road. Yay. Our last touch down before the water, and it's one house away from the water.
--Still annoying my Facebook friends with Tammy's Shopping Channel. The boxes are piling up.

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