Friday, November 28, 2008


It's there. Our house is on the New York Times Web site. Ours is the one listed under Kill Devil Hills and is the photo on the left with a purple wall.

Honestly, that wall only looks bright purple when you use flash photography. The rest of the time it's mostly dark and muted. Really. It's not garish. Really.

The house is featured in a column in their Great Destination real estate section called "What you get for $XXXX." They choose a price and go to groovy destinations photographing houses you can buy for that amount. They randomly chose our house based on the MLS listing.

The pictures they took are lovely, but they made a few odd choices. Like, I wonder why they would put a picture of that bedroom with only a couch and not the beautiful master bedroom?

But that's just me .... maybe someone will LOVE that couch room and buy the house!

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