Thursday, November 13, 2008


No, that's not a serious bike accident. It's seriously on purpose: a folding bike.

We've been looking at, riding, pondering folding bikes for several months. I prefer the Dahon, which I rode at the boat show. Chip likes the Downtube, whose inventor lives just south of us in Avon. We went to visit him a few months ago and rode these Jetson-like bikes. We were like kids on Christmas morning when it arrived yesterday, the big box, the shiny new bike inside.

It opens up to a full-sized bike and, more importantly, folds down to a compact mass of metal and wheels. It has two important features for our salty boat environment: all stainless steel construction and gears enclosed in a drum. It has one feature that makes me rethink the Dahon: front suspension.

We'll play around with this one until we decide if we want another Downtube or a Dahon. In a continued effort to avoid all matching gear, we've decided if I get a Downtube, it will have to be red.

Oh, one other feature, Chip's favorite: the bell.

--third coat of varnish on Isabella's bulkhead

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