Sunday, November 23, 2008


We borrowed our friend Lawrence's sewing machine to put a 15' zipper in that sail cover there on the right. somehow, between the three of us, we couldn't get the sewing machine to work right. We'll call the dealer tomorrow in hopes of getting some help.

Lawrence's machine is a Sailrite -- a model we might buy for the boat. With a portable machine onboard, we figure we can make some extra money repairing sails and canvas, not to mention making our own repairs.

Tomorrow, we're going to have a look at the Moorish Idol. It's not a religious icon -- or a fish. Actually, "Moorish Idol" is a fish, but the one we're seeing is an Island Packet 35', the one we visited last week in Great Bridge, Virginia. This time we're making an appointment to see inside.

Does it seem like we're "about to" do a lot of things?

In the meantime we're learning to play cribbage, a card game that appears in much sailing literature. We were curious, so we got our friend Coffee John to teach us. It's not too involved but complicated enough to hold your interest, you pone.

--attempted a sail cover fix and failed
--packed up the Froli bed springs from Isabella and stowed all the future boat stuff in closet
--started packing boxes to ship to New Mexico
--polished the brass instruments to put back on the newly varnished bulkhead (photos soon)

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