Monday, November 17, 2008


Lisa Todorovich and Rick Porter
November 15, 2008
Richmond, Virginia

It was a privilege to witness such happiness.

On the way home we looked at three Island Packet 35s, two in Deltaville and one in Great Bridge, Virginia. All our homework is beginning to pay off. When we step into a boat now, we can make a call in about three minutes.

It sounds corny and literary, but every boat has a personality. It may be more the spirit of its owners, but there's a definite vibe. It becomes obvious as we look at boat after boat that should be cookie cutter replicas. One feels warm and welcoming, peaceful, the next cold and tense.

The boat in Great Bridge was under pine trees, covered in pine needles. The day was brisk, a little cold, yet something about that boat was warm and welcoming, almost homey. For just a moment, Chip sat in the cockpit with his feet up, sipping his coffee. When I turned and saw him there, it transported me to that day soon, when the boat will be our own and the dream will be at hand.

"No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams" -- The Alchemist

--cleared out a few more things in the house
--started cleaning and clearing the boat to take interior photos
--gathered data for a prospective buyer for the store

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