Friday, December 11, 2009


Anyone who has owned a used sailboat can tell you: When you buy a used boat, you are buying the owner. It's a little like marrying someone only worse. In this case, your actual life depends on them.

The first week we had Isabella home, I was standing on the companionway stairs, leaning out into the cockpit. I noticed the u-bolt where you hook your life vest harness, you know, tether yourself to the boat so you don't go flying away? I grabbed the bolt, and it broke off in my hand. The previous owner had attached the bolt with nuts of a different kind of metal, a science fair project on marine electrolysis. The bolt was completely eaten through.

So far, we've been impressed with the owners of Good Company. Michele has been studying the ship's log, and engine maintenance seems meticulous. It has higher engine hours than some of the other boats (4000), which is a bit of a concern. The New York boat has much lower engine miles and is a 2000 rather than a 1999.

Ah, the little things that don't seem so little. We hope to make a decision on an offer this weekend.

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