Sunday, December 6, 2009


I read a magazine article recently that said we will be buying an Island Packet 35. You just can't believe everything you read.

We're off to Rock Hall, Maryland, to look at Island Packets tomorrow, but we're looking at 380s. Since our loan was approved, we might, maybe, perhaps be making an offer on a boat soon. Definitely.

You'll read it here first. And maybe this time it will be true.

(That article was one I wrote for Living Aboard last July.)

--One of our previous business prospects has dropped out. That's to compensate for the two new ones, I guess.
--A new prospect for Isabella turned up. From Brazil. (?)


Jann said...

Tammy, I was re-reading your article in Living Aboard today and thought 'I should look at her blog'. Good idea..I am glad you sold your house. We too are playing the waiting game. We bought the boat in October, (because it was "the one") and are now waiting to sell our house, in SW Florida (fat chance, you say?) It is good to see that things do progress and things are sold and we do move on. Maybe we will meet on the water some day.

tammy kennon said...

Hi Jann,

Don't just leave us hanging! What boat did you get?

Thanks for the kinds words. Keep us in the loop. Best of luck.

Fair winds,

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Sorry, didn't mean to leave out the important stuff. We bought a 42' Present Trawler. We had been looking for 2 years and ended up with an entirely different vessel than we had thought we wanted. (Well not entirely, it was always going to be a trawler.) It is funny how you can think you want one thing exclusively and then find another that blows it out of the water!
We haven't seen her in 2 months...We will bring her around (from the East Coast of Fl. to the West Coast of Fl.) the first week in January and then face 2-3 months of hard work getting ready for departure on "our adventure" in May. Can't wait to see what you buy.