Thursday, January 21, 2010


I once told a friend in the kindest way, "For someone so smart, sometimes you can be dumb as a board."

And once I called the kettle black.

This morning as we were sitting in Michele's office finalizing the details of the purchase agreement, it occurred to me, we're buying a boat!

That dumb-as-a-boardness had a modicum of smarts behind it. Since December 15th when our offer was accepted, I've kept this boat at arms length, not wanting to put all my eggs in one vessel, just in case ...

But this morning, once we set foot on the boat -- Chip and me and a bag of our belongings -- arms length turned into a full embrace. I took a pillow that had been moved at least five times in the last ten years, and when I put it on the settee a lot of things came home to roost. First I knew I'd never have to move that damned pillow again! But really, I had the realization that, ohmigosh, I finally have a home, a place to put things that's NOT temporary.

Even though sailing will be a life of constant movement, we get to bring this home along with us. No more packing, no more boxes, no more suitcases or strange beds, just that awesome bed, like a magic carpet, where we wake up every morning in a new place.

Now that's cause for celebration! Our first guests arrived in the afternoon, Chip's parents, Ted and Nancy, and his Aunt Peggy and Uncle George.

Michele, our broker, came by this evening to share a Champagne toast, tempered with home-smoked salmon and good laughs.

Just the beginning, the first day, of many happy times.

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hannaH said...

A BIG huge congratulations to ya'll!