Monday, January 18, 2010


Today, under a surprised January sun, we swabbed the decks, threaded the traveler, tapped in teak plugs and attached a boom vang, side by side, Chip and me, Marvin and Nancy.

Yes, Marvin and Nancy, who could very well be us 20 years hence, reminiscing about happy, happy cruising years, the Bahamas, Eleuthera, Venezuela, the Mediterranean, the French canals, stories punctuated with laughter and tears (okay, the tears were mostly mine).

The four of us have converged on Rock Hall this week with a single purpose: to commission an Island Packet 380 named Good Company, to pass her from one generation to the next, to continue the journey.

Four people sharing one dream. One past. One future. One boat.

Good Company.

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Jim B said...

Still ice on the surface I see. Boy, how can you sleep? You've got to be so excited. Send mo' photos!

Hope you have a great time on your test sail.