Sunday, January 17, 2010


The call came on Friday. The thaw is coming.

Here we go for the survey and sea trial up in Rock Hall, Maryland, way up about 2 o'clock on the Chesapeake Bay. We originally planned to bring the boat south as soon as we close the deal.

But it's an unknown boat ... an untried engine ... unfamiliar waters ... uncertain weather ... lots of uns. And perhaps the most disconcerting for me: the water temp hovers at a life-threatening 35 degrees. If we get the warm air temp we're hoping for, that would mean fog.

Any one of these things would not be a problem necessarily, but all together, no thanks.

Instead, we'll find a place to keep the boat in the water in Rock Hall, so we can plan a fun adventure south, not a daredevil jaunt through icy waters.

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