Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the most seductive qualities of sailing is the distant horizon, the mystery of what the day will hold, the allure of the unexpected, like a snagged line, for instance.

Good Company's main has a Dutchman flaking system. Imagine folding a piece of paper back and forth to make a paper fan. Now if you punch three holes through your folded fan and thread fishing line through the holes, you can fold and unfold your fan easily on the guide lines. That's how the Dutchman works: heavy fishing line threaded vertically through the sail to hold it in place while you raise and lower it.

Well, one of those long, Dutchman fishing lines got wrapped around a light fixture on the front of the mast -- and stuck fast. The best option for untwanglement was sending somebody halfway up the 54' mast. The lightest crew member always wins (loses?) that lottery, so up I went with Marvin hoisting me on the main halyard, Chip on the backup and Nancy taking photos.

Another day of congenial teamwork.

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