Sunday, September 14, 2008


Some of the things on our TO DO list are minor, like "Put Boots on Ebay" or "Clean Downstairs Bathroom."

Others are monumental, weighing on us like that senior project due in three days, no, two days. Things like "Have a Garage Sale" and "Clean the Downstairs Store Room." Today we did them BOTH.

All that junk that's too small to sell on Ebay got tagged with yellow dots and went on the driveway for the whole neighborhood to fondle. And just in case, Chip put a yellow dot on the house marked $350,000.

Unfortunately our gated community has bylaws prohibiting advertising a garage sale, so we only had a few dozen folks. But the exercise served to get all of the little junk sorted, priced and out of the house, never to return. We made a paltry $150 for a full day's work in 94 degrees with 60% humidity, but it was worth far more than money. The psychological weight of two major tasks has been lifted.

Next weekend we're taking the show on the road to a friend's house where we can advertise.

In the meantime, no more crock pot or dresser. No clay pots or mixing bowls. Gone are the videos and skim boards and electric lawnmower.

And somebody else is watching our TV tonight.

--cleaned out the outside store room
--sold the Fender Stratocaster and more license plates on Ebay

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