Sunday, September 28, 2008


The last garage sale is over! The Junk Road Show was a success.

We took four carloads of stuff to a friend's house for the last round. It was a ramshackle gaggle of objects: an ironing board, a machete, golf clubs, body boards, a wet suit, a Tibetan flag, a wine rack made out of rudders (really), quilting supplies, blankets, CDs, a Polaroid camera and two propane tanks. Maybe we could write a song .....

I put $5 on a nice $30 fan, and a man offered me $3. I'm like, are you kidding?

People kept asking me if I'm sad to get rid of all my stuff. I'm like, are you kidding?

It's all gone now. All of it. A 9-hour day, one trip to Goodwill and $180 later, we're free of all that stuff. We're FREE.

It could have been $183 if I just took the $3 for that fan .......

--ticked all but two items off of our "BEFORE WE LIST THE HOUSE" list
--bought tickets to the Annapolis Boat Show!
--got the stanchions and lifelines on the boat
--found the coolest mosquito repellent:
--found a place to live when the house sells!! and it's on the beach!!!!!

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