Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We're doing a happy thing, selling all our stuff and moving onto a boat. Most of the time, I'm just short of giddy. I monitor myself for signs of fear or hesitation, sudden bursts of nostalgia or tugs of sentimental regret, but I'm almost always zipping right along with glee.

Until I picked up the glass measuring cup tonight.

I was making a final pass through the house preparing for Saturday's garage sale when I grabbed the handle of that measuring cup. Out of the blue a rogue wave of grief passed over me.

This weekend Casey and Dylan are turning 20. When they left for college last month, they both cleared their rooms, left them empty. Our life as a little family under one roof is one of so many doors we're closing.

That measuring cup reminded me of all the birthday cakes and pumpkin pies and pancakes that passed through it. It reminded me of young, happy faces, birthday parties, Christmas trees and laughing around the table. Card games and poetry night, soccer and band and summer camp. Christmas socks and family breakfasts. Happy, happy memories.

Life is a one-way street but the knowing makes it no less bittersweet.

--we got some solid leads on selling the business
--we set a date for another garage sale
--mailed three more Ebay boxes
--gathered more and more garage sale items
--caught a fleeting glimpse at the light at the end of the tunnel

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