Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Apparently the prospective house buyers did NOT look in the silverware drawer.

We were spending a leisurely Monday afternoon shopping for wet suits at Outer Banks Boarding Company. As our friend Robert Farmer was explaining about polymers and limestone and blindstitching Chip's cell phone rang. It was our realtor telling us we were about to get "an ugly offer" on the house.

Ten minutes later, our business broker called with news from that prospective buyer we spoke to last week. We are now one of four businesses he's vetting -- down from five last week -- and he wants to know if we'll provide owner financing.

The photography class that was "sold out" last week now has room for me. I registered this morning.

For three weeks I've been trying to persuade a doctor to see me as a new patient. I gave up about a week ago. This morning his receptionist called to see if I'd like an appointment.

Well, our realtor was right, the offer was ugly. We countered and are encouraged that there are people out there who actually like our house. They really, really like it.

We're pondering the pros and cons of financing the business. Suggestions and advice are welcome.

My photography class starts next Tuesday, and I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.

I keep looking out the back window to see if an Island Packet 35 has appeared.

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