Monday, January 12, 2009


That's my first picture of note from the new camera. It's a strange place to start, photographing my old wedding rings, but, well, it's where I started. I've been dragging those rings around the country with me since that marriage ended in 1992, unsure how to get rid of them. Thank god for Ebay, the great online dumpster.

All weirdness aside, I'm thrilled with the shot. When you click on it to zoom in, you can see all the grains of sand, a hair in front of the rings, the carve marks on the sculpture. (Remind me never to turn this thing on my face.) Spectacular. Especially when you consider I've had the camera for 72 hours. It's a testament to the quality of the camera, NOT my skills. The only setting I've played with is the ISO. I don't know what it stands for or what difference it makes yet, but I've lucked into some nice accidents.

I've cracked the door into a whole new world. While I probably won't be photographing many wedding rings on our travels, I hope to master this expensive toy well enough to record and maybe peddle our travels.

--started a transition TO DO list
--Chip is on a quest for the perfect boat drink recipe
--watched at least three hours of camera tutorials

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