Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BLACK BEANS: Pressure Cooker Recipe

Yeah, one more thing to learn. I'm putting this recipe here, so I don't have to ask Chip every time, "now how do I cook beans?"

We got a pressure cooker, because quick-cooking on the boat will mean fuel efficiency and less heat production in hot climates. Dry grains and beans are easy to store, cheap and last years. They're also readily available worldwide. So I begin my cooking lessons.

Black Beans

Place washed beans in cooker
Cover with water
Add salt
Lock cooker and bring up to pressure (2nd orange ring on ours)
Take off heat and let sit for one hour
Drain, rinse, season
Add liquid (water/broth) to about 1/2 inch above beans
Bring up to pressure
Cook for 20 minutes (turn off heat for last 5 minutes)
Go for less than 20 if you want them al dente

These were a little overdone, but they taste a-mazing. Shockingly better than canned beans.

All things considered, I'd rather be learning this ON the boat, but use the time, use the time.

--started some research on portable sewing machines
--continuing photo lessons

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