Saturday, January 10, 2009


A lot of water has passed over the rocks since I last wrote. Those rocks on the right there are in the mountains outside Asheville where we went to see "all our children," the biological and the acquired.

Casey lives in Asheville with her boyfriend, Dave. Dylan, who lives in Wilmington, was passing through on his way back from Ireland with Brett, who attends Warren Wilson College just outside of Asheville.

On the seven-hour drive from the beach to the western tip of North Carolina, we wondered if we had some unfinished "business" with the kids, if perhaps we needed to assure them our plans include rather than exclude them. While that seemed obvious to us, maybe it wasn't to them and maybe this was the right time to make sure we're all pulling in the same direction.

I guess you can't overestimate the power of spoken transparency. Don't assume it's obvious. Say it. We're all working on a new, grownup understanding of how we fit together and how we can help each other realize our dreams.

And how we all need a little help now and then.

--the store rocked out in December.
--we spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day doing inventory :-(
--I got a Canon EOS 40d camera for my birthday. No, those aren't pics with the new camera. stay tuned....
--Island Packet introduced a new 36' boat. Interesting.
--I'm newly unemployed as of yesterday (temporary layoff)

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