Saturday, July 3, 2010


Happy Birthday, Chip! Do you remember that we celebrated your last birthday on a boat in Manteo? Honestly, I didn't either, but I cheated.

How very long ago that seems. And our To Do List?
1. Sell the wine shop
2. Sell the house
3. Sell the current boat
4. Buy our cruising boat

None of them were checked off yet. As usual, you worked on your birthday. We were still living in our house with Isabella out back. We had not yet decided what kind of boat we would buy.

Last July, we had nothing to measure the distance to our dream, no idea how far off it was or how long it would take us to get there.

But this year, with every item marked off that To Do List, we have emerged triumphant from the waiting room.

All that holds us now is four little ropes.

At last.
They say love is more precious than gold
It can't be bought, and it can't be sold
I've got love enough to spare
That makes me a millionaire  -- Solomon Burke


Anonymous said...

Tammy and Chip,
We would like to keep in touch with you as you begin your adventure. Please know you are always welcome to stay with us if you're in the DC/Northern VA area. We're so happy that you are starting to live your dream. Good luck.
Suzie & Joe Trainor

tammy kennon said...

Hey guys! Thanks for checking in. We'd love to have you along for the ride. We're heading your way soon.--Tammy