Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our newly christened vessel gave us a ride back to Manteo Waterfront early this morning, all shiny and happy, her new stainless steel cockpit rail winking at us the whole way.

The depth meter wasn't working right, so we had some confusing moments, including a little kiss of sand. Chip felt it and immediately throttled down, so the plowing was minimal. We crept back into the channel and made it in without further incident.

We've kept the new name relatively secret in hopes of doing a big 'reveal' at the party on Sunday, but as we approached the Waterfront, we needed a hand tying up for a pump out.

"Manteo Marina, Manteo Marina, this is, uh, uh"

I may not be overly superstitious, but I didn't want to invoke an old name.

So I said it.

Carl, the dockmaster, radioed back, 

"Oooh, the cat's done outta the bag!"


Half out, I guess.


Anonymous said...


Nice seeing you yesterday, and I'm a little envious. I took my 30' Cal down the ICW to FL, Key West, and back in 1997-98 and loved every minute.
I've read Tammy's blog from the very beginning, and, again, want to let her know what an excellent writer she is!

Call me if you need anything before you leave, as I'm only a couple of minutes away... And Happy Sailing!

John Stubbings

tammy kennon said...

Thanks for the kind words, John. You deserve a reward for reading from the beginning -- it's been a long haul!


Jeanne said...

Gotta love Carl!

tammy kennon said...

Yes, we do!