Monday, July 12, 2010


Good Good Company carried us safely this morning to Bayliss Boatworks in Wanchese, a one and a half hour trip from the dock in Manteo.

It made me reminiscent of the same trip with Isabella last fall. Once again we passed the long row of identical houses at Pirate's Cove. Once again we slipped under the bridge and down the narrow channel beside Roanoke Island. But this time, nine months later, even though we follow the same path, we have come so far. This time we are so near the finish line, making one final victory lap before heading out.

Since moving onboard, this was our first time to take Good Company on a trip. As we were traveling, I went below to get something from the bedroom. Here we were, underway, and here was our beautiful house just below. Perfect.

We're pulling her out of the water to do some work. First, she'll be getting a new stainless steel rail around the cockpit, in part to sport our shiny new stainless steel grill. We're also having her light blue bottom painted a darker blue, the first baby step in moving away from the blue theme (I promise it will make sense later).

Tomorrow her old name will be removed, and the hull and transom will be cleaned, buffed and waxed to a $7 million Bayliss shine.

And just before she goes back in the water, she'll get her lovely new name to be unveiled at the christening and bon voyage party next Sunday.

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Laura said...

How exciting for you! Next Sunday will come quickly, though I suspect not quickly enough for you after your long voyage to this point. I'll look forward to reading many more posts of your new adventures -- a vicarious thrill for those of us who are landlocked for now.