Sunday, July 11, 2010


With parts sorted and stowed (except for that one bin), today was tool time. We bought some soft-sided tool bags at Home Depot, forever liberating ourselves from those cumbersome plastic tool boxes that fall apart, or worse, open at inopportune moments. Besides, the soft-sided ones conform better to boat life -- and boat hatches.

The tools worked themselves into fairly obvious categories: wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc., and my favorite category, "McGyver tools." Things like a telescoping magnet, weird grabby tweasers for picking up small objects in hard-to-reach places, a bendy screwdriver and a telescoping mirror for those impossible to see spaces.

Everything went without incident into the three bags leaving us with a short list of items glaringly missing from our arsenal, like flat screwdrivers and wire snippers.

The tiny things went into tackle boxes:

Whew. These lazy days.

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GoMUTigerz said...

Hey Guys!!
Well,we couldn't stay away this summer. So while the rest of our family is fighting the heat in the mid-west, we are here at the beach. The girls couldn't imagine a summer without OBX. Flew into DC for a long weekend of enjoying the capital, and now a little relaxing on the beach. It was SSOOOOO weird driving past Chip's and knowing that when we venture in--probably tomorrow--we won't see you guys. We'll enjoy meeting Laura and Phil and making sure that they know that your favorite st. louis customers will continue to support them whenever we make the trip East. That being guys have an AWESOME adventure on the water!! We look forward to following your trip and checking in every once in a while. If you're still in town, let us know. Would love to meet for a quick hug and send-off. If you're already sailing--HAVE FUN!!
Love you guys!
Trudy, Harpo, KK and Becca