Friday, July 2, 2010


It's transportation week on Good Company. Now that the folding bikes are in the fold, and soon to be in the hold, it's time to get the dinghy working.

We lowered 'er off the davits and into the water. She was looking a little depressed, so Chip pumped some air in to keep her afloat.

I missed the operation, but Chip somehow got the motor off the bracket on the stern rail onto the dinghy transom without dropping it in the water, which is exactly what I would have done.

A couple of pulls on the handle/rope/pulling thingy (what's that called?) and, well, nothing. About a hundred pulls later, still no firing.

Chip says there are several things to try before we call in professionals, so we're still grounded, sort of, if you can be both afloat and grounded at the same time.

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GW said...

Since you're backdating your posts, this may be too late to help:

When I've had my dingy motor stored for a while, it used to wear a blister on my hand while pulling the start rope to get it started the first time, then I figured out a little trick that helps a lot.

Assuming you have a motor with the tank on the motor and not in the dingy: make sure the fuel valve is open and blow into the gas tank (while sealing it off) - like you're trying to 'blow up' the gas tank. This forces gas into the carb. Starts right up!

Hope it hleps.