Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Our same bizarre pattern continues: NOISE, lots of noise, followed by weeks of utter silence. Since May 22, we've had one more day of noise that involved the house and business and our former business broker, all of which fell into a subsequent dormancy.

We listen, we wait, we reevaluate. We ask, we ponder. We hold.

One person has looked at the house in the last three weeks. We thought of lowering the price, but what good would that do if nobody's looking?

Our bevy of potential business-buyers increases almost weekly. We have several excellent prospects. All of them would have to relocate and get various levels of financing. It's a slow process. In the meantime, the summer season is upon us. We hope so save lots of $$$ this summer -- and maybe reward ourselves with a 37'!

--Chip finished all but one of the soft spots. We're going to photograph the filling of the last one.

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