Monday, June 8, 2009


Sometimes I imagine myself in the driver's seat of my life, speeding along in what appears to be complete control. I come to an intersection and get totally fixated on what's down the road on the left. I turn on my blinker, spin the wheel left, and nothing happens. No matter what I do, even if I get out and push the car, I can't get it to go left. Defeated, I get back in, turn right and off I go, realizing at once that this was the "choice" I should have made all along. Damn it! Who's in charge here?

Our wine shop manager of two years is leaving to work on some other projects (Bye, E!), so our attention has shifted to hiring a whole staff for the summer. (Thank goodness things have actually been quiet on the other fronts.)

Blame it on the economy, but we had impressive applicants, applicants that made me wonder, "why are you applying for THIS job?"

After sorting them and then interviewing eight people, I decided on my top two candidates. I turned on the left blinker and spun the wheel.

I hired my first choice for a part-time summer position. I loved him, trained him, still loved him. He worked two days and quit.

The second guy had five years of wine shop management experience. I offered him the manager position, and he asked for a day to think about it. A week later after several hit and miss attempts to communicate with him, it was clear the left turn just wasn't going to happen.

So there I was, two weeks from our high season and our entire staff was Casey and Chip.

I turned on the right blinker, spun the wheel and 48 hours later we're training two awesome people.

Who's in charge here?

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